Essay on The Death Of American Rock Band Nirvana

Essay on The Death Of American Rock Band Nirvana

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Throughout the years, media has covered the stories of famous celebrities whom have committed suicide. It is common among stars to fall under this category due to mental illnesses, drug addiction, and peer pressure. Many celebrities’ suffering goes unnoticed or is hidden from the media. Tragically stars seek no help or don’t see another way out and choose to end their lives too soon. One hopes to become rich and famous, imagining life will be great and easy. In reality fame and fortune does not always bring happiness. Darkness seems to take over in the things one sees is good, but this can only happen if you let it take control.
As an example, Kurt Cobain, lead singer of American rock band Nirvana, ended his own life by a shot to the head. Before his death, Kurt had checked out of a drug rehabilitation facility and had been reported suicidal by his wife Courtney Love. He had friends, family, and fame, considering the thousands of fans, but clearly it was no happy ending. Kurt Cobain was found dead in his house at 171 Lake Washington Boulevard East in Seattle, Washington, on April 8, 1994. He was discovered dead by VECA Electric employee, Gary Smith. The Seattle Police Department reported, Cobain was found with a shotgun across his body, had a visible head wound, and a suicide note was found nearby. It was also reported by the King County medical examiner that puncture wounds were found on the inside of both the right and left elbow. Cobain’s death certificate stated he died on Tuesday April 5, 1994 of a shotgun wound to the head. It was concluded that his death was official ruled as a suicide due to the note he left behind; the note stating, “I can’t stand the thought of Frances becoming the miserable, self-destructive, ...

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...anging. There are many things fame and fortune cannot get rid of. No matter how much support he had or how rich he was, it could not change the difficulties he was going through. Sad to realize someone who brings joy to the world, can have their own problems of their own.
Over the years we have lost great celebrities due to the many pressure their industries puts on them. Many of them have committed suicide because of drug addiction, mental illnesses, and the many pressures the lifestyle brings. One would perceive stars have their lives together as they are rich and famous, but unfortunately that has not been the case. Studies have been found that the pursuit of fame and fortune makes people less happy. Researchers found that most people who have achieved their goal were dissatisfied and anxious, concluding that fame and fortune doesn’t always bring happiness.

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