The Death Of A Young Woman By Edgar Allan Poe Essay example

The Death Of A Young Woman By Edgar Allan Poe Essay example

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Most of Edgar Allan Poe’s work is centered on death and tragic events. In some of Poe’s poems and stories there is the tragic death of a young woman, which corresponds to the loss of women in Poe’s life. It can be inferred that he also suffered from some mental illnesses like many of the characters in his stories. Edgar Allan Poe was a great writer; however his life was full of tragedy and despair, which shaped his writing.
To being with, Edgar Allan Poe’s life was full of tragic deaths. His mother died when he was only three years old and Poe was sent to live with John and Frances Allan in Richmond, Virginia. Although Poe bonded with Frances, he and John would never quite get along. When Poe was in his early 20’s, Frances died of tuberculosis. Poe had not arrived in time to see her before her death. He was devastated to find that she had actually already been buried. After some time at the University of Virginia and a short stint in the army, Poe moved in with his aunt and her daughter, Virginia. Poe would later marry Virginia in 1836. His beloved wife died in 1847, causing Poe to be overcome with grief.
Throughout his life, Poe had wanted to become a writer. The deaths of the women in his life greatly influenced his writing. In several of his poems and short stories, a young woman dies in an often tragic manner, much like his wife, mother, and adoptive mother. In his poem “Annabel Lee” Poe writes of a young woman who has died. The poem is told in the view of the woman’s lover, who is completely devastated by the death of his bride. Poe writes that, “And so, all the night-tide, I lie down by the side/Of my darling-my darling-my life and my bride, /In the sepulcher there by the sea, /In her tomb by the soundin...

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...oe wrote. He truly did see the world differently, much darker and more depressing than others saw it. From the beginning of his life Poe suffered through many hardships. These hardships shaped him into someone who mostly saw the world at its worst and rarely at its best. He took his feelings of despair and transferred them into his writing, which caused his works to be dark, gloomy, and quite depressing.
In conclusion, Edgar Allan Poe was a magnificent writer, although his poems and stories were disturbingly dark. His works directly reflected his life and outlook on the world. Many of his works echo the tragic loss of women in his life. Other stories contain narrators that mirror him in the sense that he was mentally unstable and was addicted to drugs, alcohol, and gambling. Some of his works portray his feelings about life and appear to be autobiographical.

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