The Death Of A Victim Fatally Shot Essay

The Death Of A Victim Fatally Shot Essay

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On October 20, 2014 a young male teen was fatally shot in Chicago, Illinois. The shooting occurred in the middle of the road and the suspect that was fatally shot was named Laquan McDonald. McDonald was just 17 years old and was the suspect after initial reports placed him in the scene of a possible car jacking. It was reported that Laquan McDonald had a knife and was also seen slashing tires of a police cruiser. When police had finally had him surrounded in the middle of the road, one officer opened fire and released 16 shots into his body. Another deputy on hand said the use of force was not needed because Laquan was not in any way trying to attack the officers present. The officer who fired the 16 shots into Laquan is named Jason D. Van Dyke and was finally committed of first degree murder on November 24, 2015. That is one year and 35 days after the initial shooting! This topic showed the greatest interest for this prompt because it not only involves the shooting of a suspect by an officer but it also has much to think about when it comes to the policy and procedures that occurs in Chicago also known as Chiraq. In the past fourteen months police officers are being seen to a lot of minorities, especially African Americans as a bigger threat than terrorists, and if we do not start paying more attention to the people that are supposed to be seen as our protectors and authorities and the type of policies and procedures that they implore then us minorities will not feel comfortable.

When this occurred in 2014 I never heard of it on the news because this type of stuff happens a lot in Chiraq, I mean Chicago. According to the newspaper the Chicago Tribune there has been 876 homicides since the beginning of January 2014. Making shoo...

... middle of paper ... According to the website, they have been keeping track of deaths by police since 2013 and that number is a whopping 2,966 casualties. That is only in three years time, compared to the deaths of terrorism it is still less but this website is only look at three years of deaths. According to an article on the deaths of American lives since 2001 by terrorism is at 3,380, while that is high that is information that has been taken over 14 years while the 2,966 deaths by police has only occurred in 3 years time. This shows that we should pay more attention to the policies that are being used by our police departments and officers and make sure the procedures and policies they are going to enforce are better suited than the ones they are using now because things must change and I hope they do for the betterment of everyone in the United States.

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