Essay on The Death Of A Storm

Essay on The Death Of A Storm

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Do you recognize the emotion of feeling overwhelmed for no reason and the urge to cry until you’re eyes burn from the lack of tears? Lately, I have been feeling that way. It’s not something pleasant nor do I want to keep feeling this sensation, but I do anyways. It seems that there is a black cloud that hangs over my head every day and just when it seems to clear up, it starts to pour over me again. Each droplet containing sadness, fear, among other mixture of feelings that with time start weighing me down. This constant battle against a storm seems to be useless, but I try for the sake of those around me; even if it means being the one left out in the rain holding the umbrella.
The coldness that is growing within my heart causes me to be bury myself under a pile of blankets all day long. The eclipse effect the black drapes and a bright window create, serve to conceal both an uncleaned room and an ungroomed human being. As saddened as I could be, I still become a furious thunderstorm at the sight of my husband. Unable to help, he became useless in my eyes. Like the calm before and a...

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