Essay about The Death Of A State Of Prolonged Grief Disorder ( Pgd )

Essay about The Death Of A State Of Prolonged Grief Disorder ( Pgd )

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Life happens, and so does death as it is also a part of life. Moreover, in many cases, some of us will have to go through the experience of anticipating death in ourselves or in a loved one as opposed to a sudden death in the family. In other words, both the family and the person involved start to grieve, even before the parting actually takes place.

Humanity has long experienced grief after death; however, only recently has the realm of anticipatory or preparatory grieving been explored to any degree. Our article below covers several aspects that may help those going through such a life event recognize the most common underlying symptoms and understand the process. Hopefully, it will help not only the families affected but the very loved one that soon will not be a part of the family unit.

Conventional, After-The-Event Grief Facts

Grief, if not dealt with properly, many times develops into a state of Prolonged Grief Disorder(PGD). In this state, severe symptoms of grief are experienced for at least six months after the passing--sometimes longer.

Severe responses to loss affect from 10 to 15 percent of the people after their spouse departs. Depression may even affect people before death of a loved occurs. Other statistics reveal that a high percentage of widows develop some form of cancer within the first two to three years after a spousal loss. Moreover, as many as 30 percent of caregivers die while they are ministering care for their loved one.

What Is Anticipatory Grief?

Anticipatory grief, as opposed to the more commonly documented conventional form of grief, can be turned into an experience that does not necessarily have to bring depression, withdrawal or cessation of lifestyle. Simply put, it can be turned into a ...

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...ess and letting go is a must during this difficult time. While not always possible, it is a wonderful way to say goodbye by all the parties involved.

Other Factors To Deal With During Anticipatory Grief

- Worldwide, the estimated cost of dementia care is $279.3 billion directly attributed to the strain of the cost of care and lost employment, emotional exhaustion and further financial stress.

- The dying person experiences a change in self-image seeing themselves weak and dependent on others for even the most simplest activity such as personal hygiene.(2)

All in all, anticipatory grief can be even more stressful than after the fact, however, it can also be a rewarding and beneficial experience, if done properly and in the right spirit. It is a perfect time to bring closure to one 's life and life 's meanings. For everyone involved, it is a chance to say goodbye.

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