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Death Of A Salesman By Tennessee Williams Essay

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Parent and children relationships are the main point of a play in many literary works. Through their relationship the reader can understand the conflicts of the play, since the characters play different roles in each other’s lives. These people are usually connected in physical and emotional ways. They can be brother and sister, mother and daughter, or father and son. In “Death of A Salesman,” by Arthur Miller the interaction between Willy Loman and his sons, Biff and Happy, allow Miller to comment on the father-son relationship and conflicts that arise from them. In “ The Glass Menagerie,” by Tennessee Williams shows this in the interaction between Amanda and her children, Laura and Tim.
For example Miller’s play “Death of A Salesman” shows a father-son relationship, where in certain times Willy, the father wants to become more of a player in his son’s life that his son believes is necessary. There are several reasons for this and can be demonstrated in different ways. Miller is able to give an example of his behavior through the actions of Willy Loman. When Biff, the son comes home to recall himself, Willy perceives it as a failure, Willy desperately wants Biff, to succeed in every possible way, and tries to take maters into his own hands.
I’ll have a nice talk with him.
I’ll get him a job selling.
He could be big in no time. (1215)
The reason Biff came home was to find what he wanted in his life, but Willy gets in the way and matters become more complicated, due to Willy’s persistence. They both have conflicting ideas as to what the American dream is. Willy believes that working on the road by selling is the greatest job a man could have, however, Bill feels the most inspiring job a man could have is working outdoo...

... middle of paper ... this by talking about how many visitors she had as a girls of age, trying to impress upon Laura what men want, and even being overbearing to the extent of annoying when a gentleman caller comes by their home. The relationship between them is brutal to witness because the reader knows hoe Laura will never be like Amanda and the mother will never be able to fully accept that her daughter is different, whereas Amanda wants Laura to follow a traditional path to “get a man,” as well as seeing life in her own way. This collision between the past concepts of woman as seen in Amanda, where women were “required” by social norms to act and carry themselves in certain manner for certain end, and the more modern vision of women as seen in Laura, one where individuals posses choice to pursue whatever paths they wish is what forms the relationship between mother and daughter.

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