Death of a Salesman: An Ending More Familiar Than Strange Essay

Death of a Salesman: An Ending More Familiar Than Strange Essay

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Arthur Miller (1915-2005) born in Manhattan, but lived in Brooklyn when he was a teenager. He lived with his father during, the depression. This play “ Death of a salesman” makes me think that growing up in such an eventful time has a lot to do with how the elements of his drama revolves around life. His drama portrays the gloom and the sadness with some happy moments. Life brings out the elements, where the author stages the event and the characters play them out.
The drama of this play includes several elements such as plot, characters, dialogue, stage setting, and theme. The author seemed to manage it all in this masterpiece. The main focus in this essay will be on the stage setting, character and plot. The stage setting takes place with the house. This sets the stage for the drama. Willy Lowman, his patient wife Linda and their two sons, Biff and Happy are the main characters. As a special light appears, surrounded by apartment houses makes the readers feel and see poverty. At the beginning of the play we see a weary man who has come home beaten and abandoned by life. The author describes the house, as more light appears, we see a solid vault of apartment houses around the small house. In the play Willy asks his wife to open the windows and she answers, they are open (qtd. in Charters and Charters 1474). The places that Willy visits also shows his dreams. At one point Willy speaks of his car. The vibrant dreams where he was a good salesman to his broken dreams where he can barely live. The author shows all the struggles to make ends meet. In this drama some of the characters show their point of views for all their failures and some for their wealth and success. His character really made me wonder about peop...

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...ause we can feel his fate to be our own. His life seeks simple comfort of old age and he does not get it.
Willy becomes a tragic hero in our eyes because he portrays the general fate of a capitalist system. He makes us realize that his fate happens to a lot of different people and we may be one of them. It sends us the shivering thought of an unwelcoming age where we are all awaiting death and all our lives have been nothing but failure. Miller opens our eyes by showing an ending that is more familiar than strange.

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