The Death Of A Prefect Family Essay

The Death Of A Prefect Family Essay

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It was a Sunday morning when we hear the phone ringing early in the morning. We ignore it because the caller Id was “Toll Free Call” so I thought it wasn’t important. The phone calls start like at six in the morning they call so many time that we disconnect the phone line. Then at around nine we connect it back and the phone start ringing again. So, my mom answers the phone to see who it was. My dad was the one who was calling all morning. My dad will always leave for the whole weekend to go drink with his friends. We were not a prefect family. My parents will get all type of fights and I won’t get along with my brother and sisters. I just wanted to grow up and leave the house.
We are a family of six two boys and two girls. I’m the second but I grew up acting like the oldest. My older brother he was sixteen at that time and he is half brain paralyzed since birth. My sisters were at that time eleven and the other one four years old. And I was fourteen years old. My brother and sisters they look up to me.
When my mom answered the phone my dad told her that he was held at the local police station. He said he was going to get out in no time. My dad spend the night there and stayed there for couple of days more. I didn’t care about my dad be held at the police station either my older sister or brother. We didn’t had a good relations with my dad. We had different point of views and he thought I wasn’t good enough.
At the police station they found out that he had used a fake name when he cross the bordered. So the fake name came out in his record. They thought his real name was fake and his fake name was his real name. The police told him that he has two options, to get deported or fight it at the court. So, my dad chose to fight it...

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...t and run to the door. Everyone was happy and my brother and sister jump on him. It had been a long time since everyone was actually happy. I was glad that my dad came back but seeing my brother and sisters happy was a difference feeling. I feel that we could be a happy family. I didn’t wanted to grow and leave the house anymore.
I was the type kid who didn’t care about family just wanted to leave the house. I knew they love me in some way but I never wanted to show them that I actually care for them. Now I see family as the most important thing and we need to try hard to keep it together. When one family member is missing life is not compete anymore. Even if you all complete and fight it doesn’t feel like a family. My parents will always flight and I will fight with my brother and sisters. Now we are a different family we try not to flight for every single thing.

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