The Death Of A Pet Essay

The Death Of A Pet Essay

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When family members and close friends die people are often left experiencing grief and it might take some time before they adjust to the loss of a loved one. Most of the time a pet does not live as long as their owners, and even though a family might be able to get another pet once one dies, the death of a pet can be just as devastating to someone as the death of a close friend or family member.
Coltrane Pschorr lived in several boats as a child, and this experience left him without much contact with other children. He often tells me that all he remembers in his childhood is blue from living in the sea. Pschorr’s closest friends as a child was his parents, his brother, and his cat Pikachu. Pikachu was an orange short hair female cat that lived with Coltrane Pschorr’s family on a boat. This cat was strange and had an odd habit that the Pschorrs had to look out for, “She liked having her tail burned on the stove in the boat. We would have to make sure she did not get close to the burner when the stove was on,” Coltrane explained the odd behavior, “She had a charcoal black tail all the time, and when she actually caught it on fire, it smelled terrible in the boat (C. Pschorr, personal communication, September 1, 2016).” Surprisingly, it was not the odd enjoyment of having her tail burnt that ended Pikachu’s life, it was an accident on the dock that ended her life.
The Pschorr’s often let Pikachu walk freely out of the boat to the docks and the area they stayed at, “There were a couple of times when we had to search for her when she did not come back in a couple of days,” Coltrane said “There was this one time that she did not appear for three weeks, and we had to leave (C. Pschorr, personal communication, September 1, 2016).” Ar...

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...her tail,” Coltrane added to make the conversation a bit funny (C. Pschorr, personal communication, September 1, 2016).
As a child the death of a pet can leave someone to realize that life is precious and that a pet does not always live as long as expected. Some people might argue that the death of a pet may not affect someone as much as the death of a person, but when a pet is someone’s best friend whether or not they are a human they will still be missed. Someone will miss playing with their pet or having a pet keep them company while they work at home. It is just like a person missing another person since they cannot be together, they cannot joke around or hold hands. After someone or a pet dies a person will not be able to entirely replace them, and they will still remember the odd things that the person or pet used to do and cherish great moments with them.

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