The Death Of A Patient On Request Or The Physician Has Let The Patient Die '

The Death Of A Patient On Request Or The Physician Has Let The Patient Die '

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In this essay, I will explore why it is not important to identify whether the physician has killed a patient on request or the physician has let the patient die on request. My goal in this essay is to display that killing and letting die have no moral differences between them.
I will develop two arguments in the support of my thesis. First, I will argue that both killing and letting someone die can bring the same benefit or loss to the patient. Second, I will argue that killing and letting die carry the same consequence of death. I will also consider the following counter arguments. First, killing and letting die have different causes of death and are morally different. Second, active euthanasia brings a different kind of death than passive euthanasia, which sets apart killing and letting die.
First Argument
The action of killing a patient and the omission of letting a patient die can both bring the same type of benefit or loss. To the individual that has selected death and views it as a benefit, assisting them in bringing about their death would not cause harm to them and may provide a benefit (Beauchamp 2014, 89). A person who is suffering great pain from a disease may seek death through asking for the medication to be withdrawn or to be killed, but regardless, the person is achieving their desired benefit of ending their suffering .At the same time, a person who does not desire death can be harmed both by being killed or let to die. In a situation where an individual is taken off life support due to being in a coma, he or she can be harmed if they had a desire to live no matter what their condition is. In a similar case where a patient is asking to be killed, but does not comprehend that there...

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...death. I have also examined the two counter arguments that killing and letting die having different causes of death and that they bring a different kind of death. I have rebutted first counter arguments by examining the facts that there are no differences in causal agents of killing and letting die as making something happen and allowing something to happen come to the same conclusion. I have rebutted the second counter argument by analyzing the fact that the characteristics of death do not set a moral difference between killing and letting die. I summarized my analysis of why it is important to determine whether the patient was killed or allowed to die without their consent, as to make sure the patient’s autonomy was protected and to keep the physicians accountable. I have also stated my reasons as why this research essay did not change my opinion about euthanasia.

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