The Death Of A Medical School Essay

The Death Of A Medical School Essay

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My father often recites his favorite verse from beloved poet Allama Iqbal,
‘God has many worshipers who aimlessly wander the wilderness in search of His love,
I will worship the One, who loves the people of God’.
Growing up I was sure that these words were written for Florence Nightingale, Marie Curie or Avicenna. But to-date thousands have joined this path through organizations like MFS, UNICEF, WHO, Save the Children, Red Cross and more, giving this verse its true meaning. During medical school I took my first steps towards this path by volunteering at “Patients Welfare Association”. It is an organization led by medical students, helping patients who are financially in need. I felt animated, being able offer something more than sympathy to the underserved and deprived. This consciousness solidified my belief that the world does need saving and getting admission in country’s best medical school was definitely destiny’s calling.
I never quite understood my dad 's passion and dedication to his patients, how he refused every opportunity of self gain, and has held on to his integrity to date. And it was not until the first night of my house job that I truly understood him and why his patience had been his guidance and now it 's mine. On my first day as a medical officer and my first oncall night duty in I.C.U., among other patients, I was assigned a bed of a 75 years old man with congestive heart failure. I remember being on my feet all night as if holding his heart in my hand. That night while managing this patient, I kept on reading about the patho physio, the compensating mech and pharmacology to understand his conniptions and further complications. As the information downloaded in my brain.. I felt as if God had come Himself to...

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I am living through the momentous period of medical sciences where scientists and physicians are eradicating the declaration of impossible from lexicons. With the American healthcare system passing drastic reforms, my resolution to thrive in these new challenging is unwavering. My clerkships in New York and Corpus Christie along with experience and skill gained during professional and volunteer experiences have given conviction to my believes and added weight of determination to accomplish great success. I hope to offer this dedication and commitment to your institution and hope to incorporate the real-world experience, hands on clinical knowledge, my strong interpersonal and perseverance gained through it, to your family medicine residency program. I seek hard work along with fellow residents, see diversity of exposition and get involved in research work .

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