The Death Of A Fetus Essay

The Death Of A Fetus Essay

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Women are the faced with myriad of choices on a daily basis. Whether they are superficial, like how she dresses herself or where she goes out to dinner, and others can be more life-altering, like career she pursues and the relationships she chooses to have. One choice that women should be able to make for herself is what she chooses to do with her reproductive organs. A woman should be able to choose for herself whether or not she will have an abortion, yet there are so many other people who think they know better, whether that be government or the overly-vocal Pro-Life protestors sticking their nose in someone else’s privates.
Abortion, by definition, is the intended termination of a pregnancy that results in the death of a fetus or embryo. This deliberate medical procedure can be done in two distinctive ways, mainly hinging on how long the woman has been pregnant. A medical abortion is one that is done through prescription medications while being closely monitored by a medical professional. According to Planned Parenthood, Medical abortion, or the abortion pill, can occur up to 9 weeks into a pregnancy, and is performed over a two to three-day period. A woman would be given a hormone blocker called Mifepristone in order to block progesterone, a hormone that vital for pregnancy during the first trimester. A day or so after that, a woman would be given the drug Misoprostol, which is used to shut down the uterus to stop the pregnancy, which results in the woman bleeding heavily and passing tissue though her vagina. The actual abortion in this process would occur several hours after the Misoprostol is given. About a month after the initial visit, the woman would come back in to make sure that she is doing well. A Medical abortion is...

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... sudden illegality of abortion had to do with doctors at the time. According to “The Introduction to When Abortion Was a Crime: Women, Medicine, and Law in the United States, 1867-1973”, which was published in the Atlantic by Leslie Reagan, the legislation that was passed stated that all abortion was made illegal with only one exception. She states, “…physicians could perform therapeutic abortions if pregnancy and childbirth threatened the woman 's life…Physicians had won the criminalization of abortion and retained to themselves alone the right to induce abortions when they determined it necessary. Through the antiabortion campaign, doctors claimed scientific authority to define life and death.” Doctors wanted to shut out any other medical professionals, like midwives and nurses, from profiting from assisting in any type of abortions, that being medical or surgical.

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