The Death Of A Dog Essay

The Death Of A Dog Essay

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It is a beautiful day outside: the sun is shining high in the sky, there is a slight breeze in the warm air, and there are plenty of young children running around laughing and playing in the park. A woman walks her chocolate Labrador down one of the dirt walking trails; people comment on how cute the dog is, and some even let their children go over to pet the dog. Further back, down that same trail, a man is getting into shape by walking his American Pit Bull Terrier. The atmosphere suddenly changes for the same people around this animal. People on the trail try to avoid the dog and few make comments to their children to stay away; “that is a mean dog.” Only this Pitbull is not “mean,” this dog has never hurt a human or another animal in her life; she is great with children and loves to snuggle on the couch with her owners. On the other hand, hypothetically, that Labrador about a mile back, a month ago she mutilated another dog that she grew up with over a chew-bone. The dog was only provoked out of jealousy of a toy. This a result an accumulation of poor training and neglecting of the animal. An animal is a result of its surroundings. In a real case story found by Medlin,
In September 1983, a horrific story dominated the news headlines in Cincinnati: a local child had been mauled to death by his family dog, a pit bull. The attack enraged the community and drove the local government to ban pit bulls from the city. Several days after the boy’s death, details leading up to the attack quietly emerged on the back pages of local newspapers. The “family dog” actually belonged to someone else; a neighborhood teenager had stolen the male pit bull a month earlier from its owner’s backyard. There was speculation that the teen may have abus...

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...will ensure that most of the dogs will be kept in check, and those that still are violent can be dealt with according to each state’s laws. On the other side, make the animal owners register their dogs and be made completely responsible for the actions of their animals whether they are present or not. This should make owners more aware of their animals and lower the violent attacks, all while determining if the person is suitable to own an animal. By making dogs go to obedience classes and keeping closer watch on who owns certain types of breeds, the rate of dog-related attacks should plummet. This should also help to lower the number of dog fighting arenas in the United States. It would also make life easier for the people, which love their dogs like family, to find peace of mind that the government will not just take their companion animal away without just cause.

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