Essay about The Death Of A Close Friend

Essay about The Death Of A Close Friend

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A major life event is bound to have a strong impact on our person, hence the “major” part. These major life events can change how we deal with society and even change the way we once perceived ourselves as part of society. A major life event that I went through was the death of a close friend while we were at a social event. I was a teenager at the time and did not make the best decisions during high school. This happened to be one of them. It was a Friday and my friends and I had decided that we would skip school for the day and head out towards Kern River, skipping one day did not seem like such a big deal at the time. So we headed up towards an area where we could cliff jump into the river. Despite our community’s firm advocacy on staying out of the river we decided to go through with our plans anyway. At this point I knew what we were doing was extremely dangerous. Reflecting on it now I see that being a part of “the popular clique” and belonging to a certain group in society was much more important at the time than my own safety. We had literally been there for no more than 10...

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