The Death Of A Charity Essay

The Death Of A Charity Essay

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Charity didn’t usually listen closely to what other people were thinking. It was usually just people thinking about their days, and it wasn’t interesting to start with. The street was lined with snow, pushed aside in white piles against the brownish road, much like other people’s thoughts, which she skirted around in much the same way. She was walking to the coffee shop where she liked to relax when she heard someone seriously thinking about murder. Often she would hear someone angry thinking about how they wanted someone else dead, but she could tell from their emotions that they didn’t really mean it. This person was serious.

For Charity, reading minds wasn’t just a matter of spying on people without them knowing: it was something she’d had to live with for most of her life. It wasn’t like in some stories where characters could just turn it off and on at will, it meant that her head was full of constant, inescapable chatter. Because of this, she 'd learned to ignore it like radio static, and much like radio static, she could tell when it sounded different. Someone seriously contemplating murder was definitely different.

Her breath came out in little clouds as she listened in closer. She could focus on a particular person, much as if she were having a conversation in a busy room. She stopped walking to place all her attention on that person’s thoughts. The person – a man, she now realized – was contemplating would it be better to use poison or a gun? I’d have to get close for either, but for poison I could get close early enough that I probably wouldn’t get caught. Of course, as a chemist, I was more likely to be a suspect if I used poison because fewer people knew how to use it. Still, I’d have a higher risk of getting caught ...

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...ked. This usually worked.

“I’m not going to tell you,” he said, 345 River Street.

“Thanks,” she said. “So are you going to kill him, or find another way to get your revenge?”

He didn’t say anything. Snedecker still deserves something, but I guess killing him is a bad idea. Maybe it would be a better idea to just keep an eye on him. “I’ll watch him and hope he does something illegal.” This was what she had been hoping for. This way, Snedecker could get what was coming to him, but not get killed. Maybe he needed to be taught a lesson, but he didn’t have to be killed.

“Good,” said Charity. “Now remember: I’ll be watching the news, so if you change your mind and kill him, I’ll know and come to your house to get you arrested. Got it?”

He nodded, and they went their separate ways, him walking the rest of the way home, her to her favorite coffee shop, where it was warm.

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