Essay on Death Note, By Takeshi Obata And Tsugumi Ohba

Essay on Death Note, By Takeshi Obata And Tsugumi Ohba

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Philosophy is evident throughout our everyday lives and is a part of everything we do. Philosophical ideas and theories are a part of our existence and one especially prevalent in media. An example of how can be found in the Japanese anime “Death Note”. “Death Note” was created by Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba in 2003. “Death Note” deals with a variety of philosophical question but focuses on issues of ethics, and personhood. “Death Note” follows the journey of one Light Yagami a bored Japanese highschool student whose father is a police chief leading to his obsession with justice. Light is side of the rotten state of the world but is powerless to change it until a Shinigami (Japanese death god) named Ryuk drops his death note into the world where Light picks it up. The “Death Note” has many rules regarding its use however the most important of which is “The human whose name is written in this note shall die.” Light soon tests out its powers and decides to purge the world of criminals and evil by using the death note. Light Yagami becomes Kira and attracts the attention of the world’s best detective called L who with the help of the Japanese police force vows to stop and catch Kira at all costs. Light and L both believe that they are the embodiment of justice and that they are completely correct in their different moral beliefs.
Of the many philosophical issues raised in “Death Note” is an issue of ethics. Specifically is Light ethically wrong or immoral because of the means he uses, or does his end goal negate the wrongfulness of those actions. Light uses the death note to not only purge the world of criminals but also to eliminate all those who would stand in his way including twelve FBI agents sent to help catch Kira. Light ...

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...ics this anime has used the character of Light Yagami to portray an extreme utilitarianistic ideology and what that would potentially look like in practice, especially since the death note granted Light power over life and death. L portrayed a very ridged moral structure by representing Kant’s categorical imperative to offset Light’s utilitarianism and define the differences between these two theories. In regards to personhood both Light and L had strong ideas about whether or not criminals still were considered persons, and if they still had rights. Light and his followers believed that criminals were no longer persons and therefore were little better then animals who had no rights. Whereas, L and the police held that regardless of their actions towards other persons, criminals still maintained their personhood status and therefore retained their inalienable rights.

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