Essay about Death Is The Worst Thing

Essay about Death Is The Worst Thing

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There is one thing in this universe that no one can escape, that everyone fears, and makes people who are close to that person miserable, and that is death. Death is the worst thing that can ever happen to a person, and is just as terrible for the people who are close to them. There is an emptiness that comes with the passing of a loved one or someone close. That blankness in the world does something to the people who encompass that person who passed. It changes people, whether it is for better or worse. Death is a part of life and depending on how people are affected can dictate whether it will leave a positive or negative transformation to their life and that conversion happened to me with the passing of my beloved mother, Fran.
I can recall the day it happened, like it was yesterday, the air had a certain emptiness to it. It felt cold barren but it just felt like any normal rough day, where everything would not go my way. I arrived home from hockey practice like I do every Thursday with my father and was ready to lie down before I started my homework. Then we got the call and we bolted to the emergency room at Mercy Hospital. The nurse took us into a waiting room and we heard the heartbreaking news from the physician and the room went still. It was not a typical stillness, but the kind of stillness that I could almost hear my heart pounding out of my chest, along with every tear drenching down my face. When we saw my Mother, and then shockingly gazed at what the car crash did to her it was a completely eye-opening. This could not be my Mother; that is all I could think at this moment of utter confusion. Mass hysteria was the only element in the room.
The day of the funeral is where the metamorphosis of me began to take hold....

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... of my mother transformed me mainly in a positive manner. Even though I will never be able to gaze into my mother’s brown eyes, listen to her laugh again, or feel her loving touch only a mother could have, I have transformed for the better. So in conclusion, death of a loved one can be a positive or negative, it all depends, and it is all determined by how someone looks at the situation. Someone can either look at the negatives, and have those negatives burden them. On the other hand, someone can find the positives even though they might be hard to discover in that tragic situation and make the instance a constructive one. That’s what I did, I found the positives in a terrible situation and tried to make the worst thing to happen in my life and convert it into a positive. That’s how I have moved on and how I have transformed into a better man, friend, and sibling.

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