Death Is The Mental State Of The Boy Essay

Death Is The Mental State Of The Boy Essay

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In many forms of literature, death is represented physically or mentally in characters. In all stories involving death, death becomes inevitable. In “Out, Out-” by Robert Frost, death is the physical state of the boy and is an accident full of fright, while in “Disabled” by Wilfred Owen, death is the mental state of the narrator and the monotony of his life became after losing his legs; however, both poems illustrate the idea that life continues after one’s death.
Often in life, death occurs quickly and suddenly leaving the person in disbelief. In “Out, Out-” Frost depicts the frightful and accidental physical death of the boy. More often than not, death comes as a shock to many. According to Gloriana Locklear’s analysis of the poem’s theme of death, Frost holds “focus on the horror of life that death can end at any moment for no good reason” (167). Readers consider this in the observation as the boy’s life is draining from him. After the boy’s hand is cut off the readers can see the shock as the boy screams out, “Don’t let him cut my hand off- / The doctor, when he comes. Don’t let him sister!” (Frost 25-26). The mere fright made the young boy unable to realize that his hand is already gone leaving him to continue to beg for the doctor to save his hand. Death becomes a sudden shock to our character due to the abrupt reality that he faces. Locklear notes, “The saw suggests nature at its most brutal and percipience at its most minimal, reactive rather than deliberately causative, but still dangerous” (167). This explanation holds true when discussing how fragile a person’s life is. Locklear’s observation holds that nature itself is unpredictable and is capable of taking away those who are young, just like the boy in the poem, le...

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... the women are full of life as they observe the other confident full men instead of looking at the man who is visually glum. The women look over the man as if he is not even there. When a tragic death occurs, whether the death be for someone young or someone full of life, life will always continue due to its own inevitability.
Death occurs physically in some stories and mentally in other stories. Robert Frost creates a physical death of a boy in his poem “Out, Out-” while Wilfred Owen illustrates a mental death of a former soldier in “Disabled”. Each poem shows different ways how death can affect the person dying, with them legitimately dying or dying on the inside. The young boy’s life comes to a sudden end in Frost’s poem, while Owen’s soldier dies on the inside after losing his legs. These poems show the readers that while death is inevitable, life is as well.

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