Essay on Death Is The Inevitable And Unavoidable Conclusion

Essay on Death Is The Inevitable And Unavoidable Conclusion

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Death is the inevitable and unavoidable conclusion to life. Every human being in the phase of this planet is born with a death sentence. Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 73” tackles the theme of aging and death with an aging speaker who compares his late life to late autumn or early winter. The speaker goes on to explain to his loved one that he/she must express his/her love to him more than ever, as death is upon him. The song “When I Get Where I’m Going”performed by Brad Paisley also tackles the theme of death. The song accomplishes such thing by taking the approach of a man who knows is dying, and who takes a nice approach to it. Before the man dies and gets to experience the beauty of heaven, he explains to his loved ones that he doesn 't want them to cry for him when he is gone but rather be happy for him. Both “Sonnet 73” and “When I Get Where I’m Going” accomplish to express how difficult death is among the person dying and those who love that person with the use of literary elements such as speaker, listener, imagery, form, and rhyme.
The speaker in “Sonnet 73” is an old man. According to the speaker, he is like a tree in the Autumn or Winter:“Upon those boughs which shake against the cold” (line 3). The speaker in “Sonnet 73” expresses a sad tone in the first quatrain as he compares himself to a church in ruins. The speaker persist with his sad tone into the second quatrain as he explains that very few sunlight shines upon him. The speaker’s sad tone in the first two quatrains converts into a less desolate tone as he makes reference to his lived youth. Throughout the first three quatrains the reader perceives the idea that the sonnet is about a man who is unhappy with his age, a man who compares himself to ruins. In the final coup...

... middle of paper ... and turning into ashes, ashes that may represent his well lived youth. The image gives the idea that ashes represent what once was a beautiful life to the speaker. Overall the images representing the speakers past give the idea that its not easy for the speaker to face his destiny alone.
Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 73” has the common poetic form that is a sonnet, a fourteen line poem. The fourteen line sonnet is constructed by three quatrains and one couplet. With the organization of the poem, Shakespeare accomplishes to work out a different idea in each of the three quatrains as he writes the sonnet to lend itself naturally. Each of the quatrain contains a pair of images that create one universal idea in the quatrain. The poem is written in a iambic pentameter with a rhyme scheme of ABAB CDCD EFEF GG. Giving the poem a smooth rhyming transition from stanza to stanza.

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