Death Is The End Of Life Essay

Death Is The End Of Life Essay

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Overcoming a person’s death or overcoming the idea of death can play a critical role in the development of the rest of your life. Death is the end of life. The cause or reason of someone’s death can become a major catalyst of how people live the rest of their life and cope after this event. Humans can attempt to overcome death in a myriad of ways; whether in a positive way, for example, finding comfort in others, turning to faith, reminiscing, “treasuring the memory” of the person, or simply accepting it and growing from it. Some deal with death in a negative way, such as denial, anger, erasing that person or a change of behavior. This paper will show evidence of how people overcome death using the poem, “The God Abandons Antony” by C.P. Cavafy, “My Mother’s Sin” by George Yizyinos, “Letter from a Sick Person”, “I Shall Die One Day on a Mournful Autumn Twilight” and “Myris” by Alexandria. These stories and their authors portray different possibilities and aspects of coping with death, whether positive or negative, as exemplified through their various characters.
The incident in which death occurs can play a crucial part in how the individual overcomes it. In some cases, death can leave an individual traumatized and basically mentally paralyzed for a time being after the incident. The way of overcoming death in these individuals would be to accept it. Accepting death is a positive way of coping. It consists of understanding that death is a part of life, treasuring the moments and growing from the impact that individual had. However, this may become difficult based on how the incident occurs. The story, “My Mother’s Sin” is a prime example of overcoming death. In this story, death plays a critical component. However, it is not a de...

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...eserve his memory and overcome his death, the narrator left the funeral. In conclusion the narrator would rather be familiar with the Myris he knew and overcome his death that way, instead of overcoming the real Myris that he didn’t know as well as he thought.
In conclusion each individual, in real life or these stories, will overcome death in a variety of ways. While how the individual attempts to overcome death can be uncontrolled there are still positive and negative ways of prevailing through it. The positive ways, such as finding comfort in others, turning to faith, reminiscing, treasuring the memory of the person or simply accepting it and moving on can be considered healthy and beneficial to the future development of the person. While the negative ways, such as denial, anger, erasing that person or a change of behavior can hinder the development of the person.

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