Essay on Death is Neutral

Essay on Death is Neutral

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Italics are thoughts.
Death is neither good nor evil. Death is Neutral.
I watched her, the girl with the green eyes. She was peaceful sleeping soundly as the first rays of light found their way into her room. She stirred, and my breath caught, hopeful she would not wake, but all the same, I wanted to see her eyes. Her beautiful, deep emerald green eyes.
I woke up staggering in my half-awake state to the bathroom, gazing groggily at the mirror. I brushed my teeth, spat, rinsed, and basically followed the routine. Today was Saturday, so no school. I was an early riser. Today was the day, the day I would finish unpacking the boxes from my move to this apartment. I prepared my cereal, and drank a glass of the bland liquid that passed for water in the old rat-trap that was this building. But it was all I could afford.
About an hour later, the doorbell rang. I eagerly went to answer the door. It was my neighbor from across the street.
“Hi, Anna, how are you doing today?” His chipper manner irked me, but he was nice, and he offered to help me with the boxes.
“I’m good Rob, How are you?” I reply with the niceties, moving out of his way so he could come in.
“Fine, just fine. I came to make good on my promise!” He grins goofily, scratching the back of his neck.
”It’s a bit early for that isn’t it?” I mention, leading him to the kitchen so I could offer him some food. “Are you hungry? I have cereal.”
“No, I ate already, but do you have any coffee?” He makes himself comfortable at the old beat up table.
“Not made, but I can remedy that.” I stand on...

... middle of paper ...

...orm coherent thoughts. As if it could read my mind, the rotten, grotesque thing that had once been Anna spoke.
“I am Neutral.” She took the scalpel, and lunged towards me, plunging the blade downward. An instant of searing agony. Then darkness…
In other news, first year medical student Rob Opson at East University was found dead today, in the empty apartment across from his home. He was brutally murdered. One of his eyes was removed carefully, with the precision of a surgeon. The right eye, was gouged out in a horribly painful fashion. He died by being stabbed through the right eye, which killed him instantly. The apartment was completely empty, except for a photograph authorities found. It was an example photo used in frames sold in stores. Further details are unavailable at this time.

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