Death Is A Debt We Must All Pay Essay

Death Is A Debt We Must All Pay Essay

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Euripides , a great tradegian once said, “Death is a debt we must all pay” which is relevant to not only Hamlet but life in general. Hamlet, a tragedy by William Shakespeare, is a play about a series of horrific events occuring in Denmark. Problems arise and blood is lost. Hamlet, the son of the late King Hamlet faces life and death situations for himself and also for those around him. Death is contemplated, but for some death is succsessful. Hamlet reacts to the deaths of each character very differently. The deaths of King Hamlet, Polonius, Ophelia, Claudius, and even his own have very different effects on the outcome of the play.
King Hamlet was killed in a malice way by, Claudius, his own brother. Soon after King Hamlet’s death, Claudius married Gertrude and became the new king. The late King’s death was so sudden but quickly forgotten. Forgotten to everyone though,but Hamlet. The death of King Hamlet greatly affected Hamlet, especially because to him it seemed as though he was the only one who truly cared that his father died. Hamlet mourns his father’s death, “But two months dead—nay, not so much, not two!” (1, 2, l.138). Hamlet believed that his father was far too gallant of a man to be so quickly forgotten. Throughout the play, Hamlet is not able to overcome the grievances for his father. He becomes depressed and hateful. King Hamlet’s death was a major effect on Hamlet and his ways of reasoning.
In contrast, Polonius’ death was very different from his fathers. Polonius was killed with a knife by Hamlet. Polonius’ death was an accident but quickly overlooked by Hamlet. He never took a great liking to the Kings ‘yes-man’, so it was not such a big deal to him. When confronted about Polonius’ death, he only made a joke of i...

... middle of paper ...

... afraid or of what would come next but instead, a request to Horatio to tell his story. At the end of the play, Hamlet seems to be okay with the idea of dying.
Death is something that humans cannot avoid, we all eventually experience it and it can either be peaceful or in some cases such as this play, evil. Shakespeare candorly shows how death can be seen as an ugly crime but he does not show it as a heroic action. In Hamlet, Shakespeare does a perfect job at showing different perspectives of deaths of each person and how they each affected Hamlet. Hamlet starts off distressed to neutrally ok, then finally to the feeling of accomplishment. Shakespere created Hamlet to be a very complicated and fastidious character when it came to discussing death and suicide but it is what helps the reader see the iner conflict of Hamlet and how it effected the outcome of the play.

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