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Death : Death And Death Essay

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With life comes death. With death comes mourning, sorrow, grief, and depression. Everyone goes through it, and it happens multiple times in their life. Death is a thing that nobody likes to talk about. We turn the other cheek when it is mentioned because most of us, like me, do not comprehend well with it. Death happens anytime it wants to whether we expect or not, which most of the time not knowing when it will happen is how death works. Since death is so unexpected it means we have no time to prepare for what lies ahead of us.
Earlier this year death hit me hard. I had never experienced a funeral before, never been close to a family member that passed away, and never had anything bad happen to my family at all, truthfully. Until that one morning, that morning I woke up to my mom crying while sitting on the couch, trying to hold it together for me and my sisters. Obviously, something was wrong, but I did not know what. I did not know how to comfort her, so I awkwardly stood in the bathroom doing my hair for school while she cried on the couch because I wasn’t sure what to do. For a while, she did not tell us. She did not tell us that my great grandpa had been life flighted from the small town of Macks Creek, Missouri to Columbia, Missouri where he would be dropped off at the University of Missouri Hospital in Columbia. She wanted to keep quiet about what she knew so as to not make us worry because she did not know how bad his condition was.
Later that day she decided to tell me because I am the oldest child and she figured I could handle it. “Grandpa is not doing so well, and the family is being told it is not good,” are the exact words she told me. However, those are the only words I can really recall because I was so traumat...

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...le. When I moved on from my problems I began to feel better and more confident that my day would be okay. When we force ourselves to lift up our heads in the toughest of situations it makes us stronger, whether we realize it or not.
Horace Mann wrote an article about the seven lessons of a school teacher. He thoroughly discussed what he taught and how he taught those beliefs in his classroom. Under one of the seven lessons, indifference, he stated, “I teach children not to care too much about anything, even though they want to make it appear that they do. (Mann 175)” We have to be taught that life goes on even when we do not necessarily want it to. Through someone’s, and we could even say everyone’s, life something happens to us that causes us to have to force ourselves to push through. We have to “not care too much about anything” so as to move on and seem happy.

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