Essay on Death Comes Swift

Essay on Death Comes Swift

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Death comes swift.

I lied awake in bed, unsure of what would happen to me now that Nan was dead. She was all I had for the last 16 years, and while she wasn't accepting of who, what, I am... I know she still had some love for me. My thoughts swirled in my head much as they had for the past week: "where will I go?", "What if they find out about me?", "What if I am discovered?" I knew from my grandmother that something terrible would happen if anyone discovered my... abilities. By the age of nine I had been aloof and withdrawn in school, fearful that I might reveal myself to someone. She forced me to church with her, begging the lord to extract my "devil's gifts" as she called them. I had one saving grace with my abilities, she never found out that I was gay. She was being buried the next day, and I would have to be placed in the care of someone, most likely a stranger. I felt my tears begin to flow again, as my fear started to grip around my throat. I felt a warmth fill my body and a weightlessness as I let my tears fall, and then I heard the 'splat' as a tear hit the floor. As soon as the sound registered I free falled into the side of my twin mattress, bounced off, and fell to the floor. I scrambled to my feet ignoring the pain in my hip as I heard someone rush to my door.

"What are you doing in here Kyle?" my aunt's shrill voice cutting the silence.

"N-nothing, I fell out of bed..." I said as I got back into bed, hiding the tears in my eyes.

"Well get back in bed, just try and ruin tomorrow-" she walked out in a huff before finishing. I never understood why they all hated me, at first I thought it was because my mother abandoned me when I was a baby with my grandmother, I found out later that they feared me for my po...

... middle of paper ... face the stares and the whispers, like every Sunday. None of them knew why my grandmother was so adamant on me coming to the church so often, causing rumors to circle around her and I. But, I knew I had to make it into the church. I rubbed my eyes and tried my best to suppress any residual sobs, and crawled over the seat to get out of the car. With my feet on the ground I looked up and saw a group of mourners in all black huddled by the door. I tried to hide my puffy eyes as I passed them, but something caught my eye. One of them, a girl, had hair like fire: Reds, oranges, and bright white at the ends shimmered in the morning light. I looked back at the ground when I heard someone say, "Hey there Mr. Dean." I whipped my head around and saw Emma standing there looking at me with a broad smile on her face. "I hate to do this now, but we really have to talk to you."

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