Death As A Part Of Culture Essay

Death As A Part Of Culture Essay

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Death is something at affects all of us and all cultures have certain ways of thinking about and handling this unfortunate fact of life. Many don’t look forward to it or don’t want it to happen to others. The way people react or think about death is strongly tied to the individual’s culture. Religion which is a part of culture affects the way a lot of people view death considering the fact that 84 percent of the world follows a religion. Rituals of death vary from culture to culture in the way they prepare for death, honor their memory, and to the way the body is handled. It is important to understand how others morn in order to avoid offending them. Imagine if someone came to a typical American funeral and started dancing with the corpse of the deceased? There would most likely be cries of outrage or maybe even police involvement, but dancing with the corpse that is exactly what the Malagasy people in Madagascar do when one of their loved ones die. That example shows how there is drastically different ways to mourn in other cultures. Not all people following the same religion practice the same ceremonies. It’s important to understand how other cultures handle death as we all like respect especially in such sad times. The purpose of this paper is to allow readers an insight into other cultures so they will know how to be respectful if they are ever involved in another cultures way of handling death and dying.
First I’d like to talk about the way different cultures prefer to die. Many of the preferences are tied to religion or superstition. One example of the way superstition affects how one prefers to die is when a Romani or gypsy is dying all friends and family come to visit the dying out of sadness and to ask for forgiveness...

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...and women. With suicide being something that affects each society differently it’s no wonder it is so controversial.
There are so many attitudes on death; from happy celebrations to sorrowful morning. Those who had promises that they worked every day of their life in order to achieve the afterlife they desired, because they were scared of death. Death in my opinion is one of the most influential factors in society. The beliefs of a beautiful afterlife if one worked hard is what Max Weber theorized as being a driving factor in American work ethic and the foundation of capitalism. People’s beliefs on death and dying are very important to their culture and way of life, and it could be offensive to challenge these beliefs. That’s why it is incredibly important to be mindful of how others view dying and to not make assumptions based on race, language, or nationality.

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