Death and Dying in Relation to Buddhism Essay

Death and Dying in Relation to Buddhism Essay

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Although people in general may have different views and/or ideas on death and dying, is it possible to come to some kind of consensus on its definition? In this essay paper titled, “What Is the Meaning of a Good Death?” I will focus on its definition; discuss where this idea came from and its relation to a traditional Buddhist death. Based on class lecture readings from RLCT 2066 (Death, Dying & Spirituality) and research completed on the subject I will offer the reader a good understanding of the titles meaning through discussions and conclude with my interpretation of what preparations are made for death in relation to a traditional Buddhist death. In Gielen’s (2006) article he speaks of the traditional Tibetan monks and lay people of Ladakh, India whom are firm believers of the Buddhist beliefs, the traditional practices and the teachings which give an exceptional understanding of their death dying practices. It is their belief that they strive continually throughout life preparing for death or for the best possible death at the end of their lives.
For most people, from a young age talking about one’s own mortality and death is an uncomfortable subject and still is commonly suggested to be a taboo subject. Talking about this taboo subject prior to ones demise will definitely make it easier for the transition from life to death and on grieving family members. Whatever one believes about death, reincarnation, religion, spirituality, SBNR (Spiritual But Not Religious) and the non-believers it is certain that death will come to each one of us. What does a good death consist of or what types of things does one consider before being imposed by the inability to speak for it to be appropriate way to die a good de...

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