Essay on Death and Disease in Africa

Essay on Death and Disease in Africa

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Death and Disease in Africa

There is one disturbing topic that this paper will cover, but many possible
solutions to the problem which will be discussed. The topic is the AIDS epidemic in
Africa, and what they can learn from other countries to try to control the rapid spread of
AIDS. This paper will offer a few solutions one might find may (or may not) work to
help Africa?s peril.

Africa has a total fertility rate (TFR) of 5.2 children per woman, a problem that is
not likely to go away anytime soon. In comparison the largest country in the world,
China, has a TFR of only 1.8 largely because of their one-child policy and educational
programs. Could imposing fertility rates in Africa not only curb the massive population
growth they will have in the next 50 years, but also possibly reduce the AIDS population?
We will see this discussed below. I decided to write about this topic when we did a
Geocism exercise for this Economics of Population class. We had to randomly select two
countries/continents, and project their population for the next 50 years. In this exercise,
Africa and China were compared, because China has the world?s largest population, and I
wanted to see what kind of competition in growth they might see in Africa. With the
large proportion of people living with AIDS there, thus resulting in a low life expectancy,
I never thought I would see that I found.
Starting in the year 2000, China?s numbers looked like this:

Life Expectancy: 71
Migration Rate: -90000
Population Projection for year 2050: 1,372,838,000

Africa looked like this:
Life Expectancy: 54
Migration Rate= -222000
Population projection for year 2050: 2, 459,742,000

These numbers are absolutely astounding! ...

... middle of paper ...

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