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Death And Birth Of Death Essay example

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Death and birth are the only two things every single person will experience. Is it possible for death to be bad? With the varying experiences and consequences unique to each person can it be classified as such? Socrates, as exemplified in Phaedo, is most commonly identified as someone who did not view death as bad. While other philosophers, like Thomas Nagel, hold the view that death is in fact bad because of the loss of the only thing we possess - life. I see the most common view on death being undecided. Ivan Ilych, in Leo Tolstoys The Death of Ivan Ilych, sifts through his unsure thoughts on death in his final hours. Fighting the inevitable until he finally attempts to rectify his life, accepting death, in his final moments. I also have mixed feelings about death because even though I can refute the arguments that view it as bad, I still fear death.
It is quite normal to fear something that is bad, but it is also common for one to fear something that is good. Which causes an incredible amount of confusion in life, especially when it comes to something as concrete as death. Tolstoy’s representation of Ivan’s death can appeal to the common man as he says that, “Every moment [Ivan] felt that despite all his efforts he was drawing nearer and nearer to what terrified him. He felt that his agony was due to his being thrust into that black hole and still more not being able to get right into it” (166). Ivan continues to resist death despite him having no control over it. He views death as an ominous black hole he desperately tries to avoid, yet is slightly frustrated that it would not end sooner. Many people have the same controversial view of death, resisting the inevitable, futile as it may be. I believe that one can fear what th...

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...rivation of food and sleep indicate an awful state, fear has no value as anything, good or bad can be feared. Pain is another argument that can point to something being bad, however, not everything painful is bad. For example, pouring hydrogen peroxide on a wound hurts and it purifies the cut. Perhaps it can be argued that there is no indicator of whether death is bad.
If this logic can not prove death to be bad, yet it is still feared and fought to be avoided then what is the conclusion? It could be that the badness and goodness, for lack of a better word, of death balance out. Maybe we will never know the true character of death until it is experienced. I believe that this is why it is feared, yet not known to be good or bad, because it is an irreversible unchangeable event. Once it is experienced there is no going back. This lack of control shakes me to the core.

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