Essay about Death : America 's Number One Skirted Subject

Essay about Death : America 's Number One Skirted Subject

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Death: America’s Number One Skirted Subject
Death has evolved into a taboo over the last few centuries in America. Recent research proves that Americans are increasingly becoming more involved with the value of self-image. Over the last few decades, youth and beauty have become expectations. Americans are becoming more egotistical and aging is viewed with a negative connotation. Due to the evolution of obsession of self and beauty, death has become an evasive and avoided topic in American society.
Throughout the decades, death has become an avoided topic in American culture. Definitively, death is the moment when all vital signs stop and all life is left behind. According to Barry Greenwald, author of the article “Death and Dying,” “The dying person is losing everything and everyone he/she has ever loved and cherished in his/her life.” Accepting death is becoming increasingly difficult in modern American society since, as a culture, Americans place high values on people and material things. With the rise of materialism in society, individuals find it difficult to accept that one day they will have to leave everything they have ever known behind. Moreover, accepting death has become increasingly difficult due to the negative connotation of aging prominent in today’s society. Jere Daniel, author of “Learning to Love Growing Old,” stated that people are “Influenced by the fairy tales we hear as children, and what we see on television and hear in everyday life develops negative stereotypes about aging.” From the fantasies people hear as children to the ads and shows on television, aging and death are portrayed as downfalls of life. As time progresses, these factors create a fear of death and thus the matter of accepting death...

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... society.
With a rise of self-obsession in today’s society, it is difficult for many to accept that one day they will be deceased. Euphemisms are used in daily life to avoid the subject, as the topic of death continues grow into a virtually unspeakable topic. Along with self-infatuation, American culture has evolved into a society that revolves around youth and beauty. This change has put a deep negative connotation on mortality and aging causing acceptance of mortality near impossible. As the decades continue and American society grows more materialistic and self-involved, acceptance of death will continue to decline. As a whole, American society does not accept the natural cycle of life or the concept of their mortality. American society should come to reality with their imminent death. Death is part of a natural cycle and should not be feared as it is today.

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