Dear Santa: What I Want This Year Essay examples

Dear Santa: What I Want This Year Essay examples

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Blooming flowers here, blooming flowers there, blooming flowers everywhere! Despite the abundance of flowers though, their sweet scent is overpowered by the musty stench of wood and dust. Baekhyun wrinkles his nose in distaste as he puts down the last of the cardboard boxes that holds his toys.

The Byuns recently moved into a new neighbourhood, leaving their old lives behind in the endless search for something better. Baekhyun's older brother, Baekbum, was angry at first. He strongly objected to the change of location, citing the reason that he had to leave his friends. He caved in eventually, on the condition he be allowed to visit them every other week or so.

Unlike Baekbum who saw the move in a negative light, Baekhyun was positively estactic. Being the shy boy he was, he didn't have the courage to make friends back in his old school. He saw this as an opportunity to start anew and he just can't wait to go to school next week.

Although maybe he should have taken changing in the middle of the school year into account. Everyone had already formed into cliques and were too absorbed in their friends and themselves to include shy Baekhyun.

Again, he is alone.

It was summer break and sweltering hot. Sitting on the porch with skinny arms propped up on crossed legs, little Byun Baekhyun watches. He eyes the two boys playing at the block opposite.

"Jongin!" the shorter squeals as he narrowly dodges the other boy's grip.

"Sehun!" The tanned boy booms as he successfully tackles the fairer boy to the ground. They end up in pile of tangled limbs on the fresh grass, shrieking in absolute delight despite suffering from a few scrapes in the process.

An ugly feeling bubbles inside, it makes little Baekhyun sick. He turns away and scur...

... middle of paper ...


Taking a fresh piece of paper from the stack at the teacher's table, he proceeds to write his letter to the magical man called Santa to request what he wanted for Christmas. He was sure he was going to get his present; he's been good all year long. He finished his food, said his pleases and thank yous and always respected the elderly. So he was bound to be on the nice list!

Pink tongue sticking out and brows furrowed in utter concentration, Baekhyun starts off the letter in the best handwriting he can produce.

Dear Santa,

Can I have a friend? Pretty please with cherries on top? I want a friend so I can play with them like how Sehun and Jongin play together. I want a friend so I won't feel lonely when Hyung is too busy to be with me. I want a friend so I won't be alone.

I want a friend. Please magical man Santa. I'll even give you cookies!

From Byun Baekhyun.

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