Dear New High School Student

Dear New High School Student

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Dear New High School Student,

Welcome to High School! These are going to be the best 4 years of your life! This is the time to have fun and figure out life. You’ve just come from being at the top of the totem pole in middle school and now you are right back at the bottom. Being a sophomore isn’t easy and seniors are your worst nightmare! Every guy is going to be like six feet tall and will have facial hair. You’ll meet people with all sorts of personalities and your friend list of Facebook will explode with requests. So how do you survive High school? Here’s how...

1) Don't be persuaded by what the "cool" kids tell you. Being yourself and not falling into peer pressure will give you a strong self image, and you'll feel better. You will quickly figure out who is in what clique and where you fit in. Those “cool” kids are snobs who are totally self centered. Stay away from them!

2) Do your assignments - don't procrastinate. Put effort into your work, and don't wait until last minute, because it will stress you out. Taking the time to put in the effort for each assignment and doing them on time, or even earlier will take off so much stress. When you aren’t stressed, you have more time to enjoy friends and doing other things.

3) Raise your hand in class and participate. That will boost your grade, and teachers will know you better. Get to know your teachers and let them get to know you. When your teachers trust you, they will know you will do great and their grading will become easier.

4) Stay away from parties where there will be drugs and alcohol. Parties like those can be dangerous and getting busted for something you didn’t do is could be very bad. Find the right friends that you can trust and hold your same standards. If a friend starts to lower theirs, maybe its time to find some other friends that will have a positive influence on you.

5) Bring lunch at least twice a week. School food isn't the best FOR you, and it's pricy. Waiting in line to get your food also wastes a good portion of your lunch break and its not worth it. Spend your time wisely so you can get the most out of your lunch.

6) Don't be afraid to make new friends.

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3/4 of your school won't know who you are, so it's a new opportunity for a fresh start. Talk to people, get to know them. Your sophomore year is the time when everyone will know who you are. So don’t mess it up cause you will be stuck with that personality until graduation.

7) Join a club that interest you! You could find people with your same interests and that could lead to new friendships. Joining a club is an excellent extra-curricular activity that you will enjoy.

8) Be well-rounded. Don't hang with certain people because of the way they look. Give everyone a chance, and always be nice. Your kindness will be rewarded, whether you know it or not. Being everyone’s friend and getting to know a decent amount of people will help you never feel lonely. Having a friend in every class that you trust is helpful when a project is assigned and you need a partner.

9) STUDY. I can not stress this enough. Don't blow off studying, because tests can make or break your grade sometimes. Just because you get A’s on homework doesn’t mean you understand what you have learned in class.

10) Go into high school with an optimistic point of view; if you don't, you will be miserable day after day. If something goes wrong, tell yourself that there's always tomorrow. If you do the same things everyday, change it up! You don’t want to create a rut in the high school from where you walk everyday. Think of each day as a new chance for happiness and success, and don't assume the worst will come.

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