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Dealing with Tragedy Essay

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Both Ernest Hemingway and William Faulkner wrote about characters that have been through a tragedy. In As I Lay Dying, Darl Bundren, after the death of his mother, was unable to think about much else, and it eventually drove him insane. To further his point, Faulkner wrote complexly and with no linear notion of time to convey his character’s inability to move on due to overthinking. In The Sun Also Rises, Jake Barnes’s wound from WWI that rendered him impotent was his tragedy, but, because he doesn’t think really think about it, he is able to put it behind him and move on with his life. To convey this, Hemingway wrote simplistically, with very short concise sentences. Even in some of his earlier work, “Hemingway perfected his distinctive and much-imitated style, so different from Faulkner's: simple sentences, exact description, terse, highly suggestive dialogue” (Bloom’s 1). While Hemmingway focused on the action of his characters, Faulkner paid more attention to what his characters were thinking.
Jake Barnes, a man wounded by war, is unable to be with the woman he loves due to his injury, pushes those thoughts aside, and continues to enjoy life. Shown by his job at the newspaper office and when he goes out with friends; Jake even takes a trip to Spain to fish with his friend Bill Gorton, and then take part in the fiesta activities at Pamplona. And even though Brett is there, and lusting after the great bullfighter, Pedro Romero, Jake still drinks and eats and watches the bullfights and has fun, not allowing her presence and his inability to be with her ruin the fiesta for him. His ability to cope is addressed in Novels For Students when it says, “Jake Barnes is Hemingway's first and best attempt to explain to others the ...

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...utcome of someone if they were to think about unpleasant things too much. So, while they wrote their messages differently, they both seemed to be conveying the same point: that, while tragedy can happen to anyone, the way you deal with it determines the outcome of the rest of your life.

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