Dealing with Teenage Boredum in a Good Way Essay

Dealing with Teenage Boredum in a Good Way Essay

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A recent report from The Associated Press stated, 2 teens charged with murdering Christopher Lane, 22, of Melbourne, Australia, a baseball player, just because they were 'bored'. Communities are beginning to see an increase with this disruptive behavior. There are new headlines quiet often about teenagers getting into trouble due to boredom. With the question looming, Does boredom lead to trouble? Dealing with boredom can be tough, especially for adolescence that are transitioning from natural stages of childhood to adulthood (Psychology Today, 2013). Parents, teachers and communities are alarmed and do not want this issue to become standardized.
Bored teens are most likely to make risky choices, thus boredom can become dangerous, particularly for pliant teenagers. Not only are they looking for things to keep them occupied, they are possibly going to venture into dangerous situations. During the preteen or "tween" years (ages nine through twelve), assessments of the physical and psychological changes begin to occur in adolescence (Women’s and Children’s Health Network, 2011). Consequently dealing with teens that have a lot of energy, and are discovering themselves, this transitional period in their lives can challenge issues of self-identity and independence from parents. Boredom is hazardous to teenagers’ life choices; they may begin experimenting with their sexuality, alcohol and drugs. The cause of trouble with teens ultimately, is that teens do not know how to deal with boredom in safe and practical ways.
Teenagers are likely to find themselves with a grater amount of time with absolutely nothing to do, unlike adults where they have greater responsibilities, such as work and family obligations. Teenagers do not have anything...

... middle of paper ... Fewer teens are smoking cigarettes; there for tobacco use has declined since 1997 (National Institute of Drug Abuse, 2011). It is important for Parents to factor all the relationships their teens have, weather it’s peer-to-peer, or adult role models. Because we may not realize it, but whoever is in a teenager’s life, they play a role determining weather they will try drugs or alcohol.
Teenagers emulate behaviors that they see, thus making them impressionable to engage in activities that are sometimes not the best for them. Boredom is an issue that is thickening to deal with, parent’s play a large role trying to find activates to keep them busy and safe. Although parents may think they are the last people teenagers are going to listen to for advice, parents need to take an active role and responsibility in teenager’s endeavors for a productive and healthy life.

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