Essay about Dealing with Snow in Southern Virginia

Essay about Dealing with Snow in Southern Virginia

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Snow in South Eastern Virginia also known as the Tidewater area has been virtually nonexistent in the fifteen years I have lived in the area. Over the years we have had only two major snow storms hit the area that I can remember. The snow on the side streets makes in particularly hazardous for service companies to gain access to customer’s homes. One such effected service company is the communications company of the local area. The employees of these companies face challenges that the everyday person would not think of in completing their own job. Service company employees need to contend with many hazards during these snow events; such as: unplowed roads, flooding, school closings.

The unplowed roads in Tidewater create a special kind of problems for my fellow Virginia’s. The people around the area are unaccustomed to snow and how to deal with it. . The first was in 1998; about eight inches of snow fell in that particular storm. More recently, in 2010, we received ten to twelve inches of the “White stuff.” The removal of the snow from the main roads and the side streets has alwa...

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