Dealing With Illness And Surgery At Fort Hospital Essay

Dealing With Illness And Surgery At Fort Hospital Essay

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Misery loves company, they say. That’s why the third Thursday of the month was bar night for all surgical personnel. Everyone was invited and came to do a little socializing among the nurses, doctors, and the technicians. What happens during these after hour delight sessions stayed within in the walls of the institution.
Dealing with illness and surgery was grueling and took a toll on hospital personal. Thursday night seemed the time to displace egos for a while and appreciate your sense of worth.
They developed camaraderie during these Thursday nights. The OR was an unfriendly and business oriented environment. Precision and extreme focus was found throughout the day. This was the time where they could share and discuss situations in a nonthreatening way. A sense of belonging was sustained for these few hours.
Even though Brooke had worked for several years at Fort Hospital she still felt a sense of strangeness with her anesthesia coworkers. She watched and learned about the relationships, which developed during these few hours. This time was enlightening to the context of the department.
“Come sit with us”, the OR nurses asked Brooke as they squeezed another spot for her at the bar. She felt a greater sense of belonging with the operating room nurses. Since she wasn’t on the same level of professionalism with them and wasn’t a threat to them.

The female colleagues, during the Thursday night festivities, remained challenging to each other by expressing the top version of fashion where others tried to outwit each other by seducing their male counterparts. Brooke always thought that these parties as pure entertainment. She did not accept the single females coming on to the married ones. She never crossed that line and...

... middle of paper ...

...ant any more drama in her life right now. She had just about more than she could handle.
As Brooke hiked to her car, Susan, the nurse next to her in the locker room walked along side her,” Hey you some company? Some people are just born idiots?”

They agreed that there are some of those who are out of our control.
Brooke added,” And then there are some people who don’t know bad luck or misfortune if it hit them in the head. They live their life in a total disregard of others.”
Susan shouted, ”The cliché ‘when the going gets tough the tough gets going’ is utter bullshit. “
“The statement ‘you’re the strong one’ is even more utter nonsense.”
It was called survival and Brooke hated that word ‘survival’. She liked the words enjoy, empower, and persistence. Living on the edge was too close to falling off.
When you fall off who is there to pick you up?

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