Dealing With Death On A Regular Basis Essay

Dealing With Death On A Regular Basis Essay

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Dealing with death on a regular basis can take a toll on a person. Being a hospice nurse will never be easy and is certainly not for the faint of heart. A hospice nurse watches patient’s health decline, often times very rapidly, and many times sit by the patient’s side as they pass away. It can be exhausting both emotionally and physically. You need to have a big heart and a strong will to help those in need for the occupation. Sara Schmidt certainly never saw herself in the profession, but discovered that she has a true love for helping people.
Despite the toll the job takes on her, Sara always sees the good things in life. This is due to two very loving parents, Sara claims. Sara refers to both of her parents as her main support system. They are also the people who have made the greatest influence on her life. “They have helped me through all of the hard times,” She told me proudly, “but they have shown me how to be a responsible person.” Her parents were hard working and were able to provide her with all the extras in life. At the same time, Sara’s parents taught her that you have to work for things that you want. For example, when Sara was in high school, she showed Morgan horses at a national level. This was an expensive hobby. Sara’s parents encouraged her to get a job and earn some of the money herself. “I am appreciative of this; some people just don’t know how to put effort into things that they want. I hope that I can help to teach my son the same lesson.” Sara’s parents pushed her to grow and excel into the woman she is today. Her parents live in South Dakota and they come to visit both Sara and her son often throughout the year. To keep them in mind, Sara has picture frames all around her home filled with pictures of t...

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... up for a nursing program. Sara has since completed the required education but plans on furthering her knowledge. Currently, the young nurse is pursuing certification in wound care. Some days, Sara thinks of going after the occupation of a nurse practitioner or CRNA. “I don’t think that I will,” Sara mentioned with a sigh, “Maybe after Clayton graduates. I just can’t afford to make school my top priority when I have him. I enjoy the work I do now.”
Everyone evaluates and measures their success in different ways. Some people use the yearly salary method or how many cars you have, not Sara. Sara determines her success based off of her happiness. If you are happy, then you have been successful. If you can live comfortably then you are successful. “I am incredibly happy,” She nodded and gave me a thumbs up; “I am very pleased with how far I have come and where I am.”

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