Dealing with a Parent's Death Essay

Dealing with a Parent's Death Essay

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Dealing with a Parent's Death

Research Question: How does a child cope with the loss of a parent who

suffered from AIDS:

Introduction: This research study will show the challenges that children face

when dealing with the loss of a parent due to the AIDS virus. The sources for the

research have come from the Tarrant County College Resource Center, online internet

sites, and an interview with a social worker, Rebecca Wright, from the AIDS Outreach

Center Youth Services Program.

Abstract: These studies determine the living situations of children before and
after the parents' death. It reports on how families have begun adopting children whose
parents have dies. It focuses on the idea that orphaned children could grow into
dysfunctional adults and further destabilize society. there are several initiatives taken by
the government of the United States to help these children. It explains what
stand-by-guardianships are, and how they are used as a method of allowing people who
are chronically ill to deal with their children in permanency planning while they are still
alive; and implications for foster care. It shows the relevance of the findings to school
social workers. There is a discussion of how the legal system and the social service
system can resolve the conflict.

Losing a family member to AIDS can be a devastating experience, losing a parent
to AIDS can be even worse. Today, as the AIDS epidemic becomes increasingly
problematic in the United States, there is much focus placed on the individuals who die
from the disease every year and the families who are forced to cope with the tragedy.
While many loved ones are affected by the loss, the children who lose their parent t...

... middle of paper ...

...lated. Faithful (1997)
suggested that the discrimination and stigma will lead to a "disenfranchised grief" and the
loss becomes unspeakable. Melvin and Sherr (1995) remind us, "our understanding of
issues for children are embryonic...the burdens of secrecy bereavement and illness may
weigh heavy on young shoulders." This is why so many parents choose to keep their HIV
status a secret from their children. They feel that they are protecting their children from
rejection from their peers and questions about death.
Research has shown that children of parents with AIDS are at higher risk for
long term negative outcomes if they do not make custody plans. Children bereived by
sudden, unexpected parental loss demonstrate more negative outcomes than children who
have been prepared, and the legal complications are greater. (American Journal of Public

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