Dealing With A Non Compliant Patient Essay

Dealing With A Non Compliant Patient Essay

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Dealing with a non compliant patient

Context and description
This report will outline a personal reflection that occurred during the hospital placement in October. A 78-year-old male patient, a local GP, with a medical history of type II diabete mellitus for thirty years and severe peripheral neuropathy presented at the high-risk foot clinic for a weekly routine treatment. He wears a pair of darco boots and presented with neuroischemic ulcers on both feet. As this patient was allocated for student to treat for the day, and I obtained the patient’s permission before the treatment began.

Left hallux was deteriorated further from last week’s pictures, which required an aspiration from the lesion to investigate further whether this lesion is infected again. Left fourth and fifth inter-digital ulcerations were not improved, and right dorsum of second digit’s ulcerated wound was epithelised. Saline flushed and mildly debride the lesions with blacks file and mosquito forceps. Wound dressed with bactroban, baitain and mefix on left hallux, and baitain with mefix on other lesions. Felt deflection provided to the ulceration lesion of right first MTPJ, and added felt pad on MLA to support further on his arch.

Personal reflection and analysis
At first I was excited for treating this patient as he is currently a medical practitioner and has been with the complicated issues for such a long period, and I was expecting to obtain a valuable learning experience from his fascinating story and experience. However he looked very tired and was not willing to share his thought much with anyone else. He was not looking after himself well such as not regularly checking his BGL. All this appearance surprised me as I had thought of him, a medical pract...

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...o improve this area of communication skill, which is not limited in this one case. Stille et al. (2011) reported that more engaging with ‘SBAR’ tool can improve effectiveness and efficiency for the care in physicians’ community and team communications in coordination of timely, safe, high quality care to patients. “Without effective and timely communication between physicians, both the quality of care and the patient experience can suffer” (O’Mally & Reschovsky, 2011).

- I have to evaluate the patient’s circumstance quicker but carefully.
- Practice more in effective ways of communication skills and techniques.
- Time is money.
- Practice and improve quick thinking and act faster.
- Over-reacting is better than under-reacting, especially in urgent case like this one.
- Provide a simple but clear instruction to other practitioners as well as to patients

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