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Dealing with a large population Essay

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The United States of America is rife with many problems. Many of these problems are highlighted upon in politics and many aren't. Dealing with these problems is not simple in our two party system and leads to many disputes on what is right or what is wrong. The large amount of demographic profiles we have in the United States of America is a key factor to this problem. Several problems related to our large demographic groupings can't be easily solved with a simple law. As an American citizen I feel the right to bear arms is a very important factor of an adult's life, but how we go about taking care of our guns is an entirely different issue as well as the violence that happens with guns. As American's another issue that we should consider is how we can lower crime rates, both violence and hate crimes. The issue of classes, whether economic or social, plays a greater role in both the governing of our people and the actions Americans deal with daily. It is arguable what type of government would lead to a better United States of America and the two-party system does not seem to have the best interest of such a large population. Compromises can be made but the European governments provide a perfect example of what works for the majority rather than what works for the few.
The right to bear arms is a privilege we have been granted as Americans. My understanding of the second amendment takes this as being able to use firearms if we were to ever be oppressed by our government. When this issue is explored, the popular question is brought up: Can it really even happen? As Dr. Paul Craig Roberts puts it:
"The fact that the executive branch and the military operate outside the Constitution and democratic process is proof that the US is...

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