The Dealing Of Infectious Diseases Essay

The Dealing Of Infectious Diseases Essay

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With the current concern of the recent outbreak of a few Ebola cases, I have chosen to discuss the dealing of infectious diseases. This is very relevant when it comes to Francis of Assisi. The dealing with persons with an infectious disease is what began to turn Francis’ life around and direct him down God’s path for him. As nurses, we deal with infectious diseases on a daily basis. Without realizing it, we too are following God’s path and performing the same “rules’ as Francis of Assisi once did. The first reaction one has when it comes to a person with an infectious disease is to turn their back and distance themselves from this person. Francis too was tested by ones with infectious disease.
As we have read about Francis, it is shown that he had an aversion to lepers that proved so strongly that he refused to even look at them. He was unable approach the places where lepers were said to have lived. When Francis unexpectedly passed near them he was moved give them an alms through some other person and turn away from him and show his disgust for them. It was said by Francis’ growing strength in God that he was eventually about to get past all this. He had followed God’s command to love and obey what he internally hated for so long. After this strengthening, he was known as a friend to the lepers in the community and even lived among them with love. Several days after this incident, Francis took a large sum of money to a local leper’s hospital to donate for their care. When he arrived at the hospital it is said that he gave them alms and kissed each one of their hands. He appeared unafraid of catching this infectious disease. Once Francis’ brothers had grown in numbers, they chose to stay in the leper’s hospitals to help serve thos...

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...ur way of this vision. Today, nurses face a large number of hazards on the job, those which include blood and bodily fluid exposure and musculoskeletal injuries from lifting and repetitive tasks. As nurses, the increased risk for infectious diseases is among the highest of risks faced and still we do it for the health of the patients we care for. Emerging infectious diseases and outbreaks of recognized contagious illnesses have highlighted other concerns about the safety of healthcare workers. Nurses today are trained to identify disease trends, prevent and manage infectious disease, and access and interpret public health information. With future research and studies, possible elimination of diseases or risk of spread of diseases in hopeful. Ultimately, not unlike Francis, nurses are putting others first, regardless of the risk and treating those “lepers” of our time

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