Essay on The Deaf Community Through An Interview

Essay on The Deaf Community Through An Interview

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Deaf Education Research Paper
In this project, I will educate random people about the Deaf community through an interview. By educating random people of the Deaf community, my goal is to eradicate Audism, raise awareness about the rich and beautiful Deaf culture and language, and to provide opportunities for exposure through building bridges and increasing interaction and knowledge. As many may not know, Audism is "the notion that one is superior based on one 's ability to hear or to behave in the manner of one who hears” (Harrington & Jacobi, 2009). In other words, a Hearing individual is more superior to a Deaf person. People, usually Hearing, see the Deaf community as a community that cannot do much because they do not have the ability to hear like Hearing people. However, Deaf people are just like Hearing people and can do just anything that a Hearing person can. Therefore, I will summarize briefly what I did in my project to educate those of the Deaf community.
During this project, I interviewed three random people. Technically, it is not an interview but more of an academic conversation, in my opinion. First, I would ask these people if they were aware of the Deaf community and if they were uncomfortable with the topic. Depending on their response to the question, I would use my knowledge of what I have acquired in CDDS 139 to support or refute their response about the Deaf community or move on with my project. For the ones that accepted the interview, I would ask a few more questions depending on where the conversation went but still pertaining to the Deaf community topic. Therefore, I will share the results of my interviewing experience with my three interviewees of the Deaf community.
First, I interviewed Atwal random...

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...urse of this project, I was somewhat disappointed I did not meet someone who would have less knowledge of the Deaf community. However, I was glad that I did not as well because I learned several new things from my interviewees. Before taking this class course, I never knew this much about the Deaf community and I was getting the wrong perception but I knew there was some good to it as well. I just did not have someone to educate me about the Deaf community. However, if I could have done something differently about this project, I probably would expand the interviews more out into Fresno instead of focusing on two areas. With the new information that I am acquiring from CDDS 139 and from this project, I would use it to educate more people in the future. I want to make sure people know that being Deaf is not a bad thing; perhaps, it is a miracle to the Deaf community. 

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