Deadliest Mass Shootings in U.S. History Essay

Deadliest Mass Shootings in U.S. History Essay

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On average about fifty-six million people die per year, 4,679,452 people die each month, 153,424 people lose their lives every day, 6,392 lives are cut short hourly, 106 people die in the time it takes to tie one’s shoes, and one person dies in the blink of an eye.(World Death Clock). Yet compared to the underestimated 7 billion people on Earth those death rates are insignificant. Now compare the estimated number of people who have died in a mass shooting or massacre, like the one at Virginia Tech in 2007 that killed 33 people (including the gunman); according to USA Today the number of mass shooting deaths in the past seven years, as of December 2013, is about 934 and that’s not including any deaths from before 2006 or after 2013. (Mass Shootins). If we account for that gap by adding another few hundred since the shooting at Columbine, when the data became more readily collected an accessible, the number could be anywhere from one to two thousand. The estimated one to two thousand lives, even if they are human, become specs when put up against the number of people who die on a daily basis, especially so in terms of the amount of lives that are lost every month and year. However, we don’t hear about the millions of other people who died throughout the year. One can only ask, why? Are the other 55 million people less important? Were their deaths just not notable enough, or did no one care about them? There is a story behind every death, so is one form of death more memorable than the others? How does the death of a college student compare to the death of a soldier who died in the line of duty? Most people would agree that the soldiers who die in war are more important to our country and way of life, but we as a society choose to ...

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