Essay on Dead Man 's Cell Phone

Essay on Dead Man 's Cell Phone

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Similar to Yank, Jean in Dead Man’s Cell Phone also lacks knowledge regarding social boundaries that eventually leads to her unpleasant ending, coma. The first awareness she lacks is about not getting too involved in a stranger’s life. Jean, at first, is not interfering with Gordon’s incoming phone calls, thus is playing her stranger role really well until she loses her self-control, “reaches for the cell phone…[and] answers it” (Ruhl 9). Her action of invading some stranger 's property without the owner’s consent is both illegal and socially unacceptable, showing that Jean lacks the awareness of social boundaries. However, her action is not considered as a serious invasion until she decides to promise that she will “stay with [him]...[f]or as long as [he needs] her” and attends Gordon’s funeral, which is when she asks God to “help [her] to comfort his loved ones [and] to help the memory of Gordon live on in the minds and hearts of his loved ones” (14). Through her request to God, it is obvious that Jean has taken the obligation of helping Gordon 's loved ones to get over with their grief as her mission mainly because she “loved him, in a way” (14). However, her love is irrational because she does not know Gordon at all and has never had a conversation with him, showing that Jean is crossing the social boundary without knowing what is on the other side. Most importantly, Jean is very well aware of how she has “only [known’ him for a short time”, but she still chooses to love him and partake in his life, showing that she truly lacks knowledge about how falling in love and getting too involved in a stranger’s life is a dangerous action that may comes with serious result.
The second knowledge that Jean lacks is the one about the mor...

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... her to “[fall] to the ground” (79) and “[pass] out in Johannesburg” for months. Her impulsive action this time has lead to her coma, supporting the argument of how the lack of knowledge about the danger behind gut feelings can result in undesirable ending.
In conclusion, knowledge is an essential element in one’s life. By linking Yank’s unawareness of the differences between socioeconomic classes, his violating the social norms of the upper class, and his thinking that he is undefeatable to his death; and by linking Jean’s invasion of Gordon’s life, her telling multiple lies, and her behaving impulsively to her coma, O’Neill and Ruhl, respectively, are both showing that lack of knowledge regarding social boundaries will always lead to unpleasant results. Therefore, one should always try to be as knowledgeable as possible to avoid any possible undesirable ending.

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