The Dead Body: A Fictional Narrative Essay

The Dead Body: A Fictional Narrative Essay

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Hmm…how to start, well I’m Lucy and my mom planned this vacation without telling anyone! I mean I have a life you know? She doesn’t think about anyone, she says it will be fun, but it really won’t be. She says she knows what’s in my best interest but she doesn’t, she should’ve asked me if I wanted to go, because I don’t.
Although I wouldn’t have minded going somewhere for summer, but I had already planned thing like going to friends’ houses, shopping, and sitting around doing nothing. Even my dad didn’t want to go; he complained he was too busy. But moms mind was set, she told everyone to pack, we leave tomorrow.
I didn’t even know where we were going just that I filled my suitcase with clothes and put in it the trunk of the car. I got in the leather covered car seats, with my trusty pillow and blanket. Before I knew it I was out, I woke up about…an hour or so later. I looked out of the window the grass blowing in the wind, the sky as blue as a lake not a cloud in the sky. I sat up right “dad where are we going” the car stayed silent for a couple minutes then I heard the deep voice of my dad “where going to Spring Lake.” It sounded nice I thought hopefully there’s a lake and that’s not just the name of the park. “How long until we get there?” I heard the squeak of my mother’s high pitched voice “soon sweetheart, soon.” I decided I should sleep, since my parents hadn’t been helpful in telling me when we would be getting to Spring Lake. Another hour later I felt the lurch of the car and the seatbelt tighten around my waist, I sat up and stretched my arms, I noticed the car was parked and the engine of the car is off. In front of us is a two story cabin, just like Lincoln logs, I unbuckled my seat belt and stepped out of the car...

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...t Waka Beach. I opened up the photos app and waited; soon enough there was the body, still as cold and dead looking as ever. So…I wasn’t dreaming? It was all real? Someone was chasing me? My first thought was do I tell my parent or do I pretend it never happened? I’ve seen mystery movies before, and the mystery solver always is captured or hurt even though they always catch the bad guy in the end. No one just becomes a mystery solver overnight either, “Lucy,” I said aloud “you are way in over your head” and turned out the lights.
The smell of waffles with syrup awoke me; the sun was out, not a cloud in the sky again. I through on an old ratty tatty sweatshirt and went downstairs, “what cook ‘in doc?” I asked with a wink. My mother’s warm smile spread across her face, strawberries and whipped cream where on top of the table, golden brown waffles rest on white plate.

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