Essay on Dead-Beat Dads: Minorities Not Worthy Of Civil Rights?

Essay on Dead-Beat Dads: Minorities Not Worthy Of Civil Rights?

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Fathers every year in Washington go to jail for nothing more than being broke (Deadbeat). They are called “dead beat dads” by their peers, scorn by society, and treated as subclass citizens (ASSOCIATED). This is a very grim reality that men of every age range face daily. Both men and women make the choices which result in babies. Conversely, women are given a choice at every stage of the child’s development to adopt out, abort, or even use contraception (Why). Therefore, men and women share equal responsibility for the children they conceive. However, men do not have the same options, or protections, women do (Why). As a result, DCS hunts men down, treating men like criminals until they lay a golden egg (House; ASSOCIATED). Some men never do lay the golden egg, and these are the truly “dead broke” dads (Miller; Deadbeat). Overall, this is a list of inequalities which are simply unconstitutional. Each one of these amounting to another violation of men’s fundamental rights (civil liberties).
In making my case, I first provide a description of the two laws which contribute to imprisonment of alleged fathers, then describe the cases in which alleged fathers may lose their licenses even commercial licenses. First, contempt of court is often used when there is already a support order in place and the father cannot make his obligations under the order. Contempt requires only bad faith to be proven, and only requires a preponderance of evidence. Contempt is not held to the same standard as criminal hearings (though it can still lead to loss of liberty). Second, Federal Criminal Non-support can be used in cases where the alleged father is out of state. Non-support however, requires much more substantiated evidence. For a non-support case...

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