Dea Agent Is An Interesting Job Essay

Dea Agent Is An Interesting Job Essay

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I think that being DEA agent is an interesting job. There are some benefits but also some disadvantages. Their job is to go after the biggest and baddest drugs, like marijuana, methamphetamine, and heroine. Mexico was reported the major drug cartels. There are many problems that they face. For example, you have to commute whenever you’re require to. But if you like to travel, then this is a good thing. It also require a lot of good team work. Team work is extremely important, you have to be able to communicate very well with your team so you won’t mess up on important cases. To be able to hunt down and fight the drugs dealer, it require a lot. If one person messed up, the whole plan will be mess up. Also, some cases are more challenging than other. There are many states that have legalize marijuana and this make DEA job harder. It was reported roughly 5 to 7 percent of the population are regular drug users. But the reason this number is so low is because marijuana is illegal, and if a person use it, there will be consequences. Otherwise, if marijuana is legal, more people will try it...

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