Daytriper by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ma Essay

Daytriper by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ma Essay

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People seldom read the back covers of books, because they are usually filled with words of praise or mini-reviews that do not add more to the story. However, in the book Daytripper by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ma, the importance of the back cover is significant, because it asks one simple question: What are the most important days of your life? In this life we are giving many things to read either from friends and family, as well as school. Daytripper was a good choice to have on the required reading list for the University of North Florida’s English department. It was an excellent choice because the graphical style and presentation adds a value that other works of literature do not. Along with the art style the intricate use of narrative tools, such as the symbolic deaths of Bras give the book a unique presence unto it owns.
The presence of color in our world is wonder most of us enjoy. Daytripper is a rare flower even by comic book standards; this is because they use a colorist Dave Stewart. What Stewart adds to the experience of Daytripper is the realism of life. Color is the way most of the world experiences their day and one of the most colorful countries in the world is Brazil. The bright vibrant colors of Brazil are subtly captured by Stewart. The bright blue of the waters off Salvador (Moon and Ma 40-42) add to the richness of Bras’ experiences with Olinda since the color blue symbolizes freedom and new beginnings. The freedom of the blue is mixed in with great use of orange especially in the many scenes were Bras can be seen at dusk. Orange (Moon and Ma 36) is related to energy without aggression. This energy is easily seen in Bras he is calm, cool, and collected but has this vibrant energy around him like his father did on ...

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...e because it too changes. At first Bras feels like his father cared little for him (Moon and Ma 13) since he forgot his birthday. However it changes at the actual end of his life when he gets a letter from his father (Moon and Ma 242) in which his father expresses his love to his son and what it means to be a father. These evolving relationships are the last in an exquisite set of characteristics that make this book a wonderful addition to the English department.
The English department would be fools not to add this to their required readings because of it unlikely combination of art and storytelling. The masterful use of color to engage the reader while adding meaning is magnificent. The unique plot elements make it enjoyable as well as being insightful. Both these elements help to make the question more interesting: What are the most important days of your life?

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