Daylight Saving Time : The Daylight Of Time Essay

Daylight Saving Time : The Daylight Of Time Essay

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Bad Timing: The Relevancy of Daylight Saving Time
Daylight saving time has been around for almost as long as advanced civilizations have been here, all for the sole reason that people tend to rise with the sun. The body’s natural response is to awaken with the sun, many people view this as a biological clock. With new technology, and an abundance of artificial lighting, many people wonder that if loosing an hour of sleep is still needed? Clearly this is a question that has been asked by many people, including myself, no one likes to wake up in the dark, and lose an hour of sleep. Daylight saving time can cause confusion, accidents, negative psychological effects, and general discomfort. Though it previously made sense to adjust the clocks twice a year, I believe, it is now not necessary to have daylight saving time.
It has long been believed that daylight saving time was created to benefit farmers, that is what I originally believed to be where this policy originated from. Farmers tend to wake up with the sun. their schedules revolve around when the sun rises and sets. The New York Times reports that farmers feel pressured to change their schedules to better accommodate the rest of the population they work with, like businessmen, and the government. This could create strain on the farmers because they have to stay up an extra hour, or get up an extra hour earlier. Vernon points out that this can also mean that farmers are working in the dark. This could mean decreased productivity or the need for lights, which means the farmers are spending more money in order to abide by a system they feel no use for.
The origins of waking up when the sun rises have been seen the beginning of time. From when agriculture originated, people needed ...

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...t are hoping for are not, and do not appear to be met anytime soon. If anything, the amount of energy saved will amount to even less as new energy efficient technology becomes more commonplace. And as statistics have shown, changing the clocks does not save anyone much money. The economic benefits of changing the clocks is nonexistent.
The practice of following daylight saving time has been difficult to follow. It has been implemented and repealed many times. There is no conclusive evidence that daylight saving time is saving people money. Yet, there is evidence of it causing more accidents, creating emotional stress, loosing people and the government money, and causing confusion. In the end, there is no proven positive results of daylight saving time, it is confusing and people loose sleep over a measure that is hurting people. I believe that it should be abolished.

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