Daycare More Beneficial Than Home Child Care Essay

Daycare More Beneficial Than Home Child Care Essay

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Daycare more beneficial than home child care

Most parents in the United States work or go to school, and face an issue when deciding where daycare is more beneficial than home child care. “Children who go to daycare are expose to a safe environment and quality care”. Doubting on where the child is going to stay in a home child care, with the babysitter, friend, or a close relative can put stress on the parents. The research for a parent can add on, finding a price that meets their budget could be a significant factor as well.

Parent and Child benefit from childcare and many ways. According to DCF, “Florida Statues require child care providers not exceed the following staff-to-child ratios children under 12 months: 1 to 4”, (, 2014). With this said, parents do not have to worry about their child being in a classroom with too many children. Every classroom has a ratio depending the ages. The caregiver can divide her time equally between all the children. A caregiver is to keep the children safe and cannot leave the child alone ever. They are to keep a childcare ...

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