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The Day That The Sun Essay

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The day that the sun met the moon, was the day that I gave into the night. That morning I woke up to the familiar sound of the birds chirping and my mom cooking in the kitchen.

The sun leaking through my window made me squint as I slowly come to. I pathetically dragged myself out of bed, yawning as I stood up. Immediately I noticed that I was drenched in sweat. I had sweat so much during the night that my oversized shirt was stuck to my body like glue. I peeled it off and jumped in the shower.

Lately, there was only one option of water temperature, freezing cold. A freezing cold shower that made your bones shiver. That was the only way to become refreshed, but honestly it was for about five minutes before you started sweating again. The heat this summer had been unusually extreme.

The shower was my thinking place, where I made my life choices. The place where I finally could cleared my head and figure things out.

I placed my head under the shower head, and felt as the cold water began to run through my hair, down my face, and down my back sending goosebumps rippling through my body making my spine tickle. That day I took a long time just having the water hit my head as I pondered about my life, day dreaming about my future.

Hearing that my siblings had awoken from their slumber, I quickly glancing at the clock on the wall, turned off the water, and wrapped myself in a towel. I didn’t bother to fully dry myself off or wrap my hair in a towel. The hot summer air would take care of that.

I quickly pranced to my room before my little sister had the chance to ask if she could borrow something. I jumped into my room and quickly locked the door. I turned towards my closet and already knew what I wanted to wear. I rummaged thr...

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...dbyes to the earth without knowing if I had been heard.

I felt the bridge tremble, and without hesitation I layed down. All I did was breath... and waited for my last one. A few moments later the bridge collapsed. I felt my heart pounding in my neck as I fell.

I was only five feet away. I was only five feet from living. Five feet from seeing my mom again. If only I hadn’t have given up. Search and rescue found my body five days after the catastrophe. My face was unrecognizable, they found out it was me because of my dental records. They told my mom I died instantly, that wasn’t true. I felt everything. I felt as the car that fell along with me crushed my lungs, crushing my spine making me unable to move my legs. I felt no pain once their was no more light to be seen. The last thing I remember is watching a boulder fall as I closed my eyes and gave into the night.

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